Saturday, December 6, 2014

It's time to Look up -- Throwback warning!

Well here it is, the weekend before finals. We're slaving away in front of our computers, listening to music through our Dr. Dre headphones off a playlist of over a thousand songs on our phones. Plus, to keep in tune with the last post of "procrastination" here I am. Procrastinating studying for my Business Law and Financial Accounting finals. They're not till tuesday! I'll be fine...after I study for the Macroeconomics, World Religion and Organizational Behavior finals I have Monday and Wednesday...oh dear.


I'm calling myself and others out. I saw this video going around facebook a while back, and it's since fallen silent. However, I had saved it for some reason and now it's time for me to speak on it. 

Coming from someone who is writing a blog on the world wide web, we have access to technology like no one could have ever fathomed before. Sometimes I wonder though, what would it be like if we lost the use of all technology? Not in the sense of "lets all go to Hogwarts and become witches and wizards" although if that ever became an option I may be the first to give up my precious iPhone. I simply mean if all technology ceased to function...could we function at all?

Watch this video. Think about it. Then keep reading if you wish.

To avoid sounding like a completely hypocrite, I dare, and will at somepoint in time go 3 days without using my phone. This is a mere 72 hours without the portable communicator/map/dictionary/camera/game device that has become glued to our hands.

I might not make it out alive.


We really have become completely attached to these things haven't we?

If anyone knows me, I'm the WORST when it comes to my iPhone. It has basically become a part of my being, and anyone can reach me at (almost) any time of the day. It saves memories, it keeps me connected to family, it even gives me a chance to keep in touch, in real time, with someone I haven't seen face-to-face in over 15 years. Wow. Technology has really moved us forward in SO many ways...

But has it?

In all seriousness, what happened to our imaginations? At only 23 years old, I remember the fast expansion of cell-phones. However, what seems "old" to me isn't even the beginning. What happened to when we didn't need a cell phone to be happy?

As a kid, I had swimmer barbies, and fashion barbies, and doll houses and barbie cars...I was an only child gimme a break!...but I also would act out TV shows. There were real life and cartoons that my friends and I would become the characters (fighting over who got to be who obviously) and made capes from towels and magic wands out of a pencil with a ribbon tied to the end.
We played mermaids in the pool and called out the person who separated their feet and banned them to the shore line because they had broken mermaid law.
I loved my skip-it (even as a child I hated running). 
I played with rollie-pollie bugs and built them castles made of pebbles. Though they didn't seem to appreciate it very much...always crawling out of the corners and disappearing into the grass...

But how would you take a selfie?!
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my water proof, drop proof, shatter resistant digital immediate viewing camera! Okay, love may be a strong word but it works in this situation. A friend of mine recently got a "New" camera. It prints out the photos for you RIGHT THERE and you don't even have to put them on your computer!!! NEATO! There's pictures of RANDOM things all over the walls now because the thing is so big she can't put it in her purse to forget she has it. It's really nifty.


Please tell me everyone caught the sarcasm.

It's basically the old Kodak camera, that prints out pictures that you have to wave around and hope there was enough flash to make it show up. Honestly, I'm all about the throwbacks. Anyone who has ever heard the music on my iPhone, don't be surprised if some old N*Sync shows up, and even less surprised when you hear a Beatles tune. The original one. Not remixed.


But Seriously, take a minute out of your busy final studying schedule and just look at this video. It may open your eyes.

Let me know if anyone ACTUALLY does the challenge of going 3 days without your phone. I would say technology in general but...well I wouldn't want anyone to become a hermit and actually read a book for once. xD

Until next week!

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