Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snow Day!

"Isn't that just gorgeous?" -- "It's so pure!" -- "Let's make snow angels!" 

     While most people would completely agree with these statements...I can't say I'm one of them. I'm from Texas you see, and I'm definitely not accustomed to the snow. Make sense that I go to school in Missouri doesn't it?

     Speaking of about that snow storm through the Midwest right now?! It's been said to have the coldest temperatures since the 1990's! I wasn't planning on having another blog post so soon, after all I did say "weekly" or even "biweekly" but this lovely storm has caused me to delay my arrival to Lindenwood by two days! Don't worry, I'll be back in good ol' "St. Chuck" by Tuesday.

     If I had it my way, snow would only exist on Christmas Day, (that's only for those of you who NEED to have a white Christmas...I'm perfectly okay with 65 degree Christmas Days.) and the rest of the year would be between a gorgeous 65 and a balmy 85.  Sounds like paradise right? Sounds a bit like Florida to me. It just doesn't seem fair that Miami gets all the good weather does it? Well, I guess they do have rain storms and where is perfect I guess!

What do you think about snow and winter time? I'd love to hear what y'all's opinion is of the weather around where you live!

I'd also like to add that I've officially joined LinkedIn. I'm still working on all of the different social media points so I figured I would list here what I already have! As a Student Athlete I do need to think about my future as well as updating everyone with how my life is going. I am studying Business Administration and I always hope to contact (and stay in touch with) anyone who can help me on my journey towards achieving a solid place in the workplace, and in life. :)

My Website:
Linked In:

If anyone has any comments on where else I should be, please let me know! I'm always willing to listen to some advice. :)

Until next time!
--Mary Killman

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