Saturday, January 18, 2014

Think you can...Think you can't

This is a quote my father always said to me growing up, and still does to this day. It truly hits home if you think about it. Regardless of what you are reaching for, this quote applies.
So I thought if I had to think of a perfect time to blog about support systems and inspiration and self-motivation, it would be on my Daddy's birthday! *cheer* Everyone wish my Dad a Happy Birthday!

Even though I can't be home, I still always want him to know how much I love him and how much he and my mother have both have such an impact on my life.
Anyone who knows me, or has read anything about me, will know I am a self proclaimed daddy's girl. I've always been extremely close to my parents, and I can honestly call them the greatest support system a person could ask for. They are people who not only have taken care of me for the last 22 years, but they are people who have supported me through the good and the bad times. They are people who have put my goals before their own.

They picked up and moved to California when I was 14 years old, simply because I was good at the sport I competed in. That's support.

They watched me travel over seas not once, not twice, but more times than any of us can count with nothing more than a group of girls and a "make sure to call" to keep in touch. That's support.

They have seen injuries that could easily have scared any parent, but instead of panicking, helped me recover and urged me to continue. That's support.

They've even been my shoulder to cry on when the going was hard and I wanted to give up. They told me to continue towards my dreams even though they could see all I wanted to do was stop. That's support.

No matter what, I always had a reminder that things were going to work out as long as I continued to push myself towards the goals that I had set for myself, no matter how high or far away they seemed at times.

I never thought about it that way, but Henry Ford has a point. The quote above is realistic, yet inspiring.
What if all you hear is: it's not possible? 
Here's what you do: You keep working. You learn to thrive on your goals. You learn to surround yourself with people who care and support you in what you choose to do. Nothing is handed to you. Nothing will ever be "easy" it will only be worth it in the end. 

I can't count the amount of times I was told "You can't do that yet" or "That's not your level of ability". Well why not? Why isn't it? What is stopping me from doing exactly what you say I can't? What if I do have the ability to reach higher than someone thinks I can? 

Prove them wrong. 

Never give into negative thoughts from others who say "No, you can't." 
If you have a goal, WORK FOR IT! 

Quality is certainly not just how good something is done. It is the act of continuing to work hard, and work well, when it doesn't count. What does it matter as long as your work is done well when someone is watching you? After all, anyone can go out and bust their bums in the gym once. Anyone can study for 4 hours straight in order to perfect a presentation...but I want to know how many can consistently go to the gym every day in order to gain endurance? How many can study throughout the year and achieve a 4.0 GPA? 

You can. 

I can.

I have.

I will continue. 

Can anyone catch the theme of this blog yet? Haha Twenty Points to whoever can correctly guess! (Honestly, I think the author gives it away...)

Just saying you're going to be an Olympian certainly doesn't make you one.
I've wanted to be an Olympian since I was 5 years old. I remember telling my swim coach that I was going to be on the big stage one day. While at the time, I thought I'd be racing. 

I thought I could be the next Janet Evans

The next Natalia Coughlin.
The next Anna Kozlova

Who knew I would end up in Synchronized Swimming. I didn't. My parents didn't. 
However, I can't say I would change it if I had another chance. I've had so many opportunities, and I've met so many people who have influenced my life (good and bad). 

This last quote has to deal with my team. My team here at Lindenwood. It's the closest team I can say I've had in my career as an athlete. We support each other constantly. So many of our girls are THOUSANDS of miles from home...thousands! A lot of girls do not originally live in America. From Canada, to Venezuela, to many European countries, we have become our own support system...we have become our own motivation. Let's Go Lions!

That's what it's all about right? Goodness this was long. I guess I just had a lot on my mind. Hope y'all enjoyed it! Let me know if there's anything y'all would like to have me talk about, or just let me know what you think!

Until next time! 

--Mary Killman

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