Sunday, July 19, 2015

Malta Training

Can it get better than that?! I told you I would get another post today!!! 

Anyways, if it was possible to put a white sand beach on that view, then we'd be talking. That and I would probably never leave. Sorry America, from what I've seen, Malta has you beat when it comes to water based views. 

I've never seen water so blue. Minus the humidity, the weather is gorgeous everyday. Although being a Texan helps me out with the humidity point. I absolutely love how this place makes me feel. It's almost like I was a mermaid at some point, and I'm visiting home. 

However! Training is coming to a close here with only one day left, and as heart breaking it is that I'm getting SUPER pumped for Kazan! 

Our team did an exhibition with the Maltese team, and even took a picture with a few of them! It reminds me how much I love synchro, and why I started it in the first place. It's all for that little girl that wanted to play to the music and fell in love with the water. I can't wait to show everyone what I've got once we get to Kazan. 

This is a throw back picture, but I'm using it as a reminder of how I need to feel when swimming. Past Russian Junior National Team member, and now my Lindenwood duet partner, Vasilisa Mironova, is an inspiration in more ways than she knows. From being Collegiate National Champions, to US National Champions, she's taught me a lot. Now, I swim my Tech Solo at Worlds in Russia to the music she was planning to use as her Free Solo. Super excited!!! 

Signing off with a beautiful sunset from Malta. I'll be heading to Kazan, Russia, and I'll try to get another post going! 


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