Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Knoxing 101

So when did this 
Become this? 
(Photo of Ona Carbonell and Andrea Fuentes of Spain)

That yummy child's treat has been put into the hair of Elite Synchronized Swimmers everywhere. Lucky (maybe?) for us, it's not flavored. However there's different ways to get that shiny, helmet-like structure painted onto our heads. 

I've had some people ask how is it that I can get my Knox perfect every time? Well, my answer is that I'm still learning! However, I'm going to give yall a step by step Knoxing 101! 

Items needed - 
A fine toothed comb, 4 packets of Knox gelatin (or any unflavored jello) and a cup. 
Don't forget what you need to put your hair up! You'll also need a hair net, but I hadn't taken it out of its packaging yet. So it's not pictured here. 
Anyways! I love this brush. "The Wet Brush" may take a little longer to get through your hair, but it really is better for it. 

Step 1 - The Bun
You're going to need access to hot water. REALLY hot water. So if you have a hot pot or a kettle, plug that in and fill it about halfway with water! You won't need all of it, but sometimes it's easier. 

Let's start with a simple up do shall we? Get your hair wet and brush it into a tight pony tail. It should be at about eye level if you're wondering about placement. 

Run the fine tooth comb through your hair to smooth everything down after its up. There might be a slight bump all the way around where the hair tie is, but don't worry! This will be covered by the bun. 

Afterwards, we're going to take your hair into two pieces, and braid one side. Then  wrap it as tightly as possible around the other one. You should end up with a hair-do that looks similar to an I dream of Jeanie style. 
Clearly on a much smaller scale haha secure this braid down into the bun with hair pins in a triangle pattern. Pull the other piece apart and tighten the bun closer to your head. Then take the that bit and repeat the same braiding fun from earlier. Then we'll have a full bun! 
Now, I have very thin hair. So your bun will more than likely look different than mine. However it should look similar! 
Once again you're going to run the comb through your hair to pull everything back, and then wrap the hairnet around the bun. You should ideally not be able to see the hairnet at all when you're finished. The photo above has the hair net in! Wrap it as tightly as possible over the bun and pin again as needed. 

Step 2 - Making the Knox 
Pour the 4 packets of Knox into your cup, and pour some of the water in. Now this is the hard part, so I'll do my best to explain. 

Add just enough water so that when you stir it, the powder melts. I would mix it with the pointed end of a rat tailed comb, but really anything is fine. Add small amounts of water to the mixture until you get a consistency similar but clearly thinner than honey. 

It'll probably look like this. Set the cup aside for a few moments. We're going to take the bubbles off the top! I normally do my bun during this time, but I've also learned to do this very quickly. I wouldn't suggest it for beginners. 

A few minutes later you should be able to take a spoon, or the end of the comb, and scoop the bubbles that have risen to the surface off the top of the Knox. 

Cool right? Try to get as much of this out as you can. I was taught this by some Spanish teammates of mine. They use a different type of Knox than we do, but it's still the same idea! You should end up with something similar to this: 

Semi gross right? Yeah. It won't smell the best either. Unfortunately I have yet to find a way around that. 

Step 3 - The Knoxing Process 
Alright! Now for the fun part...sorta. Knoxing doesn't only keep synchronized swimmers hair out of their face, it actually conditions and strengthens your hair! While I wouldn't suggest it for a weekly hair mask, it is another secret as to how girls who spend all day every day in the water can still have pretty hair. 

Anyways! Comb the Knox through your hair. Basically all your trying to do is make sure that the Knox gets into ALL of your hair. It also is tightening the hair to your bun so that it doesn't move while you're swimming. 

You hair should look wet at the end of this first stage. It dries very quickly so after going all around the head, you can do the second round! Turn the comb over and PUSH more Knox into your head this time. Don't make it hurt, but focus more on pushing it into your scalp that making it look pretty. 

Looking good! Alright. Now for the last step. By this point your Knox in the cup is going to have cooled to true honey consistency. You can use the flat side of the comb, or a paint brush for this part. Some even just use their hands (not my personal favorite...) 

What you're going to do is LAY the Knox on top. Very lightly smooth a layer of Knox over your head. It will come out as shiny and looking a little thicker than the rest of the Knox you've been using. 

Do that ALL the way around your head. And you're done! I can do all of this in about 30minutes. This takes practice, so don't expect perfection on the first round! Use a hair drier to dry the Knox if you need, but it will dry quickly on its own. 
Congratulations! You've officially knocked your hair like an Olympian. this Olympian. 

Some of my friends thinks it's a good idea to make a YouTube channel and start giving tips...thoughts? 


Thursday, July 30, 2015

Team Free Prelims & Solo Finals!

Days 4 and 5 of Worlds seem like the shortest and yet longest days of the competition so far. 

Free team had really good energy. We were number 5 in the draw (which is my personal fav number) and we were really focused on bringing that American Spirit to the stage. Our lifts were probably the best we've had in a swim through yet, so we were pretty proud of that. 

We aren't going into finals with the placement we wanted, but sometimes you can't focus on the placement. You can't control the score, but you can control how YOU feel about your swim. Once we all decide that's what matters we'll all be better athletes for it. Can't wait to see what is in store for us for Finals on Friday! 

Day 5 was only the Free Solo Finals, and being at 5:30pm instead of 9am meant I got to sleep in, eat a little later, and be SUPER pumped for my finals swim. I'm only ever nervous before solo swims, but this time I was more excited than anything. This routine has a personal meaning related to it, and I was determined to make the world see it as well. 

I went into finals in 8th, and I came out of finals in 8th! My coaches all said it was the best swim I've had, but it was more than that. I knew that it was my best swim. That exhausted but elated feeling after a competition swim is what we as athletes strive for. That feeling at the end of a routine where you KNOW you couldn't give anymore, you couldn't try any harder, and everything went exactly how it was supposed to go. 

It's not just me. It's everyone. Lori Eaton, my coach from Lindenwood (pictured above on the left) is here coaching a duet for Aruba, and she's the one who has brought my love of the sport back. I'm so glad she was here to see my finals performance! Tammy McGregor, my coach for this Summer (also seen above, on the right) brought the hammer down on some technical aspects, plus she even added more sass and difficulty to what I thought was an already exhausting routine. I'm so glad to have such enthusiasm from the deck. Not to mention the expertise and personal experiences each of these women have had and have been able to help me with along the way. 

Because of the support from Friends, Family, Coaches and Teammates, I had the best swim I could've asked for. And then some!!! 

Now it's time to keep the momentum I have going into free team finals on Friday. Wish us luck! GO USA!!! 


Monday, July 27, 2015

Worlds!!! Day 1, 2 and 3

What a rush. This whole summer has gone so quickly I feel like I haven't been able to stop and update anyone!!! So Worlds is in Full blown competition mode and we're gonna start from the beginning. Day one.

Tech solo was the first thing out of the gate, and I can honestly say it wasn't my best swim. The pool felt larger than normal, there were too many people, and a lot of pressure that I put on myself. I had a good swim, but it wasn't ME. It wasn't the kind of swim that made me proud. Luckily that was just prelims, and ranked 10th I was able to swim it again in finals. This proved to be a HUGE help, considering my score went up 2 points, and I was much more comfortable. I could perform. I could be me. Plus, my finals swim brought me up to 9th place!!! Every little bit helps. 

The event that sat between Tech Solo Prelims and Finals was the prelim tech team event. In case you can't find me, I'm in the middle. Haha This team has a Fosse personality within the choreography and we fight every day to bring back that American Pride and presentation the U.S. is known for. We're sitting in 10th during prelims with finals tonight! (See Day 3) 

Day 2 

Day one also included prelims for the Mixed Duet Technical competition, but more on that later. 

Mariya and Anita competed in the Tech Duet for prelims and finals, and ended 12th after some great swims. I think the team and I cheered loud enough for the entire stadium, but hopefully it was loud enough for them to hear us from the water! All you can do from the side is cheer, and cross your fingers, and jump up and down when people you've been around do something well. It must be exhausting to be a coach. (Sorry to all the coaches who landrill their swimmers routines on the side while they compete. I feel your pain now)

Also competing in the tech duet competition was Aruba. My Collegiate coach Lori Eaton coaches Kyra and my old trio/duet partner Anouk. Wow. Lindenwood is EVERYWHERE. I also fell back into college cheering and I can't explain the kind of looks I received while I was cheering for them. I don't think people knew a person's voice could carry so far. I knew I was loud 😅

The routines that took the day was the Mixed Duet event. Bill May and Christina Jones were ranked in 2nd behind Russia going into finals, but it was a fight to the end. All goes to show its worth the hard work and the effort that is put into every day. They won GOLD!!! The first Mixed Duet event at an international level, and we were there to witness our national anthem be played and a gold medal given to US athletes. Such a special moment that pictures can never explain enough. 

Day 3 

So today we started with Free Solo, and after such an AMAZING showing last night, I was pumped. Not only did I still have a goal in mind, but I had the energy of a U.S. GOLD MEDAL from the day before. So proud to be the next routine following such a performance. I brought back my "Feelin' Good" routine from 2 years ago with some changes, and let me tell much better. It's hard, but it's something that speaks not only as a routine, but as something personal. "It's a new Dawn, it's a new day..." All you have to do is listen. Right now I'm in 8th! I'm excited and still aiming for my original goal. I can do this. Let's go. 

Then it was on to Tech Team Finals. We were all feeling ready before we walked out. We had the first draw, so we knew we had to go out and show off. While we didn't have the greatest swim, we had the best energy overall. We stayed in 10th place and personally, I'm ready to move on to the Free Event!! 

Hopefully I can update a little more often, with some of my own pictures. We don't always have access to our phones when were competing (I mean the iPhone isn't waterproof unfortunately...) but I'll do my best! 

Wish me luck moving forward! Go USA! (And Egypt, and Aruba, and Indonesia! Cause that's the LINDENWOOD representatives here at worlds!!!)


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Malta Training

Can it get better than that?! I told you I would get another post today!!! 

Anyways, if it was possible to put a white sand beach on that view, then we'd be talking. That and I would probably never leave. Sorry America, from what I've seen, Malta has you beat when it comes to water based views. 

I've never seen water so blue. Minus the humidity, the weather is gorgeous everyday. Although being a Texan helps me out with the humidity point. I absolutely love how this place makes me feel. It's almost like I was a mermaid at some point, and I'm visiting home. 

However! Training is coming to a close here with only one day left, and as heart breaking it is that I'm getting SUPER pumped for Kazan! 

Our team did an exhibition with the Maltese team, and even took a picture with a few of them! It reminds me how much I love synchro, and why I started it in the first place. It's all for that little girl that wanted to play to the music and fell in love with the water. I can't wait to show everyone what I've got once we get to Kazan. 

This is a throw back picture, but I'm using it as a reminder of how I need to feel when swimming. Past Russian Junior National Team member, and now my Lindenwood duet partner, Vasilisa Mironova, is an inspiration in more ways than she knows. From being Collegiate National Champions, to US National Champions, she's taught me a lot. Now, I swim my Tech Solo at Worlds in Russia to the music she was planning to use as her Free Solo. Super excited!!! 

Signing off with a beautiful sunset from Malta. I'll be heading to Kazan, Russia, and I'll try to get another post going! 


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Pan Ams Recap and Malta Preview

Hard to believe Pan Ams has come and gone. I tried to post this while we were there, but I guess it gets to be lumped in with Malta now. Prepare for pictures! 

Anyways, as with last Pan Ams in Guadelajara, the village is amazing. I felt like a small child sitting in some of these chairs. I felt like a little fish in a VERY big pond. With all the experiences of international meets, pan Ams has to be one of the most fun. It's like a mini Olympics just with less countries. As expected the cafeteria had good food, we had access to a game room, the US gave us some AWESOME Nike gear...

That's what matters right? Hahahahahaha okay but in all seriousness. The village was great. There are athletes walking around with the same goals as everyone else. To be the best athlete they can be. It's inspiring and intimidating all at the same time to be around athletes who have been to the Olympics anywhere from 3 to 5 times! (As in the case of the Flag Bearer, 5 time Olympic Medalist Kim Rhode: 

Yes that's a screen shot from my phone. Oh well! Our first competition day was fun. I've always loved competitions and the adrenaline you get before you compete. It was a little weird competing in only the team event, as I was a part of the Silver Medal Duet and Team in the 2011 Pan Am Games with Mariya, so I was expecting to have that extra kick of nervousness of performing twice. 

I took a panoramic picture of the pool when our team was introduced to the U.S. Ambassador before our technical team routine swim. He said that Synchronized Swimming was the first sporting event they had attended at this Pan American Games which says a lot. Synchro sometimes can be passed over, so it was nice to hear that they enjoyed it.
We had great swims in all our routines. The Tech duet had a great showing, and the Tech Team did one of our Highest lifts yet! 

Unfortunately it's hard to see how high that picture where Anita, our Flyer, is compared to the water, but believe me...the instant replay looked AMAZING. 

The free routines we didn't get a chance to take pictures for, as that was swim RIGHT before awards. So instead, you get a medal stand photo: 

Bronze baby! And no, those little mascots aren't dogs. They're porcupines! All in all it was a great beginning to what is to come...Worlds. And while this is where I would normally end a blog post
But I'll post the rest tomorrow. JUST to keep everyone in suspense! 

Here's a teaser just to make sure everyone comes back: 

Yep. That's the view from our hotel (courtesy of Tammy's photo taking skills) There's more! Just you wait. See yall tomorrow! 


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lessons Learned

As I said, three days later I would update! Kinda nice having a day to be able to take to myself and be able to reflect on the happenings of the last few days.

It's been a whirl-wind since our Team's Exhibition here in Riverside. To those of you who showed up, THANK YOU! We couldn't directly ask anyone to take off their own personal time to come watch Synchro, but we're thankful for those that did! With this being our second day off, I've come to enjoy the three days on, one day off. It almost gives me a way to really push hard for three straight days, and have a bit of time to recover and refuel.

Now if only I could refuel options can be really hard to deal with as a hungry athlete craving nothing but carbs and sweets. Good thing I'm from Texas and I love my protein right?!

Anyways! Like with everything, there are lessons to be learned around every corner of life. So in lieu of our Exhbition (and the whole 3 days of training at a time...) here's 3 things I have learned!


Teams have individuals who have different strengths and weaknesses. Each person within a team brings something to the table that no one else can. That's America. When we work together, we can move mountains. Work by yourself, and things won't work.


That doesn't mean you have to go where you don't want to. It means you have to push yourself further than you think you can. I struggle with this daily. I don't like things to be difficult, to be hard. I don't enjoy breathing heavy, or my muscles burning, or turning down that dessert. I fail at being uncomfortable sometimes. I fail at pushing past what I want to do for what I should do. No one is perfect, but I have to try and get as close as possible. Being a good athlete means striving for perfection. Being a good person means striving for perfection. Perfection isn't the same for everyone, and it doesn't have to be impossible.


Apologies for the small swear word, however, this is totally true. Synchronized Swimming isn't exactly recognized as an art form all the time, but is very similar to dance and life alike. As a soloist, I connect to the music so that those around me can connect to it as well. Sometimes it's not what everyone likes, sometimes you can't even connect to it yourself. What I have to do, is just dance. I can choose how I react to changes in tempo and music, and I can choose how I react to coaches corrections and scores from judges. You can't control what life throws at you, but you can control if an when you dodge. 

Stay tuned! We're in Riverside for 3 more training days, then we head to Toronto for the Pan American Games!!! I'll do my best to take pictures so you can feel like you're there as well. Wish us luck!


Friday, June 26, 2015

Flashback Friday - New York and US Opens

So as most of you have figured out, or are wishing to know, the US National Team and I are in Riverside for a training camp! We made it to our first day off, and how did we spend it? Watching Inside Out, Napping, and getting physio so our muscles can work well tomorrow when we head back to the pool. 

We're just that cool.

However, in the midst of training for Pan Ams, I though I would look back at the US Open that happened a few weeks ago, and let yall know how that went!

So first off, the Team only swam our Technical routine, and I debuted an extremely new Tech Solo. The Duet swam both their Technical and their Free routines.

While our swims weren't necessarily our best, we're proud of them. Now, we have to step up our game, and PUSH! It's all about the fight, the spirit, and that American Pride that reminds us what we have to do everyday in order to achieve the results we need.

Luckily for us, traveling to competitions doesn't just mean we get all glammed up in knox and glitter! We also get to wear normal clothing and go be tourists. So of course we went to Manhattan.

After that, we made the treck to SoHo, and in true athlete fashion, found the coffee shop. We went to Maman for some glorious tasting coffee, before making our way to a place we could purchase macaroons. While I didn't personally buy any, I took the chance for a photo op

Towards the end of our day, we stopped by Ground Zero. They've got a memorial set up with a gigantic square waterfall going down into the depths where the towers fell. The air is actually a bit eerie, even amidst the people taking pictures and waiting in line to go to the top of the Trade Center. It doesn't seem like it was that long ago, but I remember exactly where I was when I heard the you?

Now it's on to a new story. We're training for the Pan American Games! This is basically a mini-Olympics for the American Continents. Last year was in Guadelajara, Mexico. This year is in Toronto, Canada.

Wish us Luck! I'll update during our day's off here in Riverside. We have an exhibition here tomorrow at 6pm that you can look forward to hearing about in my next post. The next one will be on Tuesday!

Until then!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Back to the beginning

So for those who have wondered where I went, I've returned to represent USA at the Pan American Games and World Championships this summer! College has been crazy, and next semester I will be going into my Senior year. Oh how time flies. 

Speaking of time flying, its been requested that I write a blog post on how I got started in synchro. The real story. What made me fall in love with the sport? How did I choose to move to California for it? Did my parents always support my decision? What about how I've been treated as an athlete?

Well my friends, here we go. It's gonna be nice to take a walk down memory lane...

Unlike rumors, I did not start synchro from inside the womb. Although I'm sure my mother would disagree (Sorry Mom!) but I've been a swimmer my entire life. Everyone has heard the story of how my friend (and ironically first duet partner) Claire Evans took me to a summer try out session and I fell in love with the sport. It was pretty, it was powerful, and I could listen to music while doing stuff instead of just swimming up and down the lanes for a specific time goal. 

However, what most don't know (but probably assumed) is that I had always thought I was a mermaid. Ask almost any synchro swimmer, and THAT is why they stay with the sport. It's literally the closest thing you can get to being a real life mermaid and not give up your voice to walk on land. 

Thank you Ariel reference. The little Mermaid was a childhood favorite...after Aladdin. But that's besides the point. 

California was not one of my first decisions, as for the first 4 years of my career, I did both competitive swimming and synchronized swimming. The worlds were SUPER different and I loved them both in so many ways. When it came to what I needed to do to continue forward, I had to make a decision. Give up swimming and move California to train with what I believed was the best team in the country, or give up synchro and stay in Texas with the fastest times around. 

Then it came down to which I was better at. I could continuously be 2nd in the state of Texas, or 1st in the Country. Looking at it that way, the answer was simple. Note I said simple, not easy. 

I'm sure it was hard on my parents. They dropped everything and moved with me to California to support me, and I doubt it was their first idea of the type of world for their daughter to grow up in. I have to say though, I would not be able to be where I am today without them. It was a tough time transitioning from 2 hours every other day in Texas, to 6 hours EVERY day in California. Talk about a tired 14 year old girl coming home in tears because all she wanted to do was sleep. 

I also have my parents to thank for putting up with the drama I would bring home everyday. From normal girl drama, to coach issues, to simply being annoyed and exhausted...Seriously. Thank you. 

Being an athlete isn't always all glam and glory either. It's hard work and dedication. It's fun at practice and stressful at the same time. You have to balance sleep, and what to eat, and when to stretch, and take care of sore/injured muscles, and still spend time with your family. You do get used to it, but the initial transition can be a struggle, and some don't realize that our response of "I'm just tired..." when asked to go to a movie isn't is blowing you off, it really just means we can barely keep our eyes open and probably wouldn't be much fun anyways 😆

So from here, I'm on the plane to Pan Ams, and the Summer of travel and competitions begin. Representing the United States is a dream come true for any athlete, and I'm glad I get to wear the Red, White, and Blue. 

Until next time! Don't worry, the summer shall be FULL of long as I remember hahaha 


Sunday, February 22, 2015

What is your legacy?

For those of you looking for some magic lamp to rub, keep walking.

Of all the people in the world who believe they have their lives figured out and all the answers at their finger tips...I'm certainly not one of them.

Here I am, with more confusion than your most recent organic chemistry exam, and I'm planning to give you advice? Well...we all have to start somewhere don't we?

Most of us have no clue what to do with our lives. There are the few out there who had that epiphany when they were seven of how they wanted to become the next great world leader, and twenty years later were running for senator. If you are this person, I envy you. Best of luck to everything you plan on accomplishing over your life-time because dang it, you're going to do it.

Now, for people like me who have more trouble deciding what to eat for dinner than attempting to worry about what is going on ten, twenty, thirty years down the road. Here's the honest truth. We exist to do things. Some of these things are important, and some not so much. The important ones give light to meaning and happiness...the others are just fillers between important things.

Do me a favor...answer these questions. As I write this, I don't even know the answers to some of them. Answer them honestly, you may be surprised what you find.

"What do you do now, that your younger self would cry to know you had given up?"

How many people out there can think back to their 6 year old self and wish they still had that kind of imagination? When I was younger, I used to draw. I would draw for hours, and when I got bored of drawing I would write stories. Sometimes I even drew pictures for the characters in the stories.

I stopped writing one day...I'm not even sure why. Maybe this is why I picked up a blog. Although we all see how consistent that has been. But when I do write, I enjoy it. When I do pick up a pencil and attempt to draw something that looks semi-descent, I love it.

The funny thing is, if I had a time machine and my younger self found out I stopped writing because "I wasn't good at it" or "I can't make money doing that" I can honestly say my younger self would cry.

Always enjoy what you're doing. Just because you're not making a living with it doesn't mean you have to give it up.

"What makes you forget the most basic of functions?"

But really? What can you get so into, that you forget to eat?

This is a problem now-a-days with cell phones, video games, and Facebook. Although that isn't quite the mindless forgetfulness I mean.

I used to read. A lot. When I say a lot, I mean I wouldn't sleep some nights even though I had practice the next day, or a test to do. I loved the fantasy world of magic and unknown creatures. I would sit in my bed with nothing but a small flashlight and read Harry Potter, books till my eyes closed of their own accord. I had a competition with my teammates (and sometimes my coach!) of making sure we read a certain amount so that we could talk about it the next day. I never wanted to fall behind. Besides, if I could just get ONE more page, I'd know more than my friends at practice did, and I would have knowledge they didn't.

I've always been competitive. Maybe that's what makes you tick, but maybe it's organizing things, teaching, or solving puzzles. Whatever it is, don't look EXACTLY at what you're doing. Look at the principles you learned. They can easily be put to work somewhere else.

"When's the last time you embarrassed yourself?"

Alright. Stay with me on this one. To be able to do something important, you must be good at it.
To be good at something, you must first have no idea what you're doing.
When you don't know what you're doing, everything sucks.
When everything sucks, you consistently embarrass yourself in some way, shape, or form trying to do the thing you want to get better at.

Embarrassment is something no one likes to do, because as stated before: It sucks.

So how do you get around it? You don't. You want praise, you want glory. But before all of that comes that awkward time of uncomfortable-ness that we all try to avoid.

Right now, you want to do something. It's something you've always wanted to do, but you still don't do it.

"But I have my reasons!" you say.

But what are they? If they have anything to do with what others think, you've already lost.
However, if they're things like "Spending time with my family is more important than starting a business right now" or "I could probably spend all day surfing pinterest, but my grades are more important to me" well then that's okay.

Things that are meant to be important, are unique, and sometimes unconventional. Therefore, to make them happen, embarrassment is going to happen. Embrace it!

Yes, it's scary. But anything worth doing most of the time is terrifying.
Disclaimer: Unless that thing is similar to jumping out of a plane with no a no way is this a good idea. You have a right to be terrified by this. Don't do it. 

"If money was no object...what would you do?"

I wish I had an answer to this. My boyfriend asks me this question every time we go on a road trip longer than twenty minutes. It's a seemingly simple question, but it is jam PACKED with meaning.

My Boyfriend has a dream. He's explained this elaborate plan of one thing that leads to another and how this would lead to that and in the end he would make a difference in this world.

All I can ever come back with is "Well, I'd like to go to Greece one day..." Really?! That's all I can say? One day I'll find my answer. One day, I will find and understand what I want my legacy to be.

On the other hand, if you think you have it figured out and you fantasize about friends and family going into detail about that one time you wrestled a gang of poachers to the ground with nothing but your bare hands just to save a wild rabbit from being trampled as it crossed the road...please tell me you're an animal activist and not just trying to impress other people. If the idea of what other people thought even crossed you're mind, you're not seeing the point.

Finding a "purpose" boils down to finding something bigger. Bigger than yourself. To find it all you have to get off the couch and do something about it.

Take the time to think beyond who you think you are, and imagine a world without yourself.

What have you discovered?

P.s. One of these day's I'll learn to update something every week. Sometimes it just takes a while for something to come to my head! Any ideas or thoughts are always appreciated!!!